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Dr. Keith:

I wanted to take the time to share what my wife and I have experienced through your intensive. First, we felt we were in a good place and initially we did not feel that we "needed" marriage counseling but after 30 minutes of being with Dr. Keith and Kathy it became apparent that we needed to reflect on our marriage because we did not have to be content… we could thrive in our marriage! We were able to share in a safe setting and we were able to receive tools that instantly made a huge difference in our marriage. If there is a possibility of you taking the time to meet with Keith and Kathy JUMP ON IT! Because of the tools we learned with them we are discovering emotional intimacy on a much deeper level which has brought incredible fulfillment in our marriage.

As a pastor's wife and mother of 7 amazing, busy young children I so appreciated time away with my husband to concentrate on our marriage.  Ministry in itself is taxing, and ever so subtly our closest relationships, including our own self, can become compromised.  Keith and Kathy spoke life and health into our weary spirits, and sent us off with amazing practical tools to focus on the relationships that matter most.  God has refreshed our hearts during the 5-day Intensive.  Thank you Keith and Kathy for sharing your ministry with us!


K & C, St. Louis, MO



Dear Keith and Kathy,

Ministry and just life in general had taken its toll on us. We found ourselves worn out, tired, confused, unhealthy and concerned about patterns we were seeing in our lives. Honestly, we weren’t so sure we could survive this ministry thing much longer. Issues from my childhood were surfacing in my life and I had no idea how to process them.

That’s when someone suggested we spend some time with Dr. Keith and Kathy Davis. We were somewhat reluctant to spend a five day intensive with strangers and a little leery about what it would involve…but I can tell you the moment we met them we were put at ease and felt immediately comfortable with both of them! It felt good. It felt right…right from the start. We knew we were where God wanted us to be. All concerns and apprehensions dropped the second we met them.

Keith and Kathy are gentle, kind, patient and loving. They listen and seek to understand. You can tell they are being led of the Spirit as they counsel. I love how they worked as a team, ministering together as a couple…what an added blessing. I believe Dr. Keith and Kathy are not only good at what they do…they are anointed by God to do what they do. It’s more than a job…it’s a calling on their lives. They are in their sweet spot when they counsel people. God uses them to heal broken lives, broken places…and bring restoration.

After a wonderful, insightful, restful 5 days with Keith and Kathy we drove away with our hope back. We drove away with practical tools to find health again. We gleaned much insight from them into our past and our current lives…they guided us through healing and dealing with patterns of unhealth. I left feeling validated and cared for. We drove off with a renewed sense that yes, we could make it for the long haul in ministry...thriving was possible again.

I wish every person/couple would see the value of investing in their emotional/spiritual health. I can tell you that spending 5 days with Keith and Kathy was THE best investment in time and money we have ever made! Sure a trip to Mexico is nice…but in a week you come right back home to the same issues. An intensive week is an investment in yourself (your marriage)…your health, your wholeness…victory and thriving is on the line. We look forward to meeting with Keith and Kathy again…it’s soul care…its necessary…its wise…there is too much at stake not to.

Healthy again,


Pastors wife, Iowa



Dear Dr. Keith and Kathy,

We just wanted to take a moment and share with you what your care for our well-being has meant to us.

After a lifetime of being a very private person and guarding my innermost thoughts, I (Tim) found it almost natural to open up to you about what was troubling me and coming between Diane and me. Diane had become exhausted after trying every avenue she could think of to save our marriage. Yes, she had given up; it was over.

From the first hour with you, we felt so much more at ease in our communication. Our relationship began to mend and we have experienced a rejuvenation which continues to grow stronger each day. Having known us for only a few short weeks, you still were able to treat us almost like family. Your love, concern and belief in us was truly unmatched by anything we had experienced previously. You were a true God-send to us and helped open our eyes to God’s desire for our well-being.

As you told us from the start, it wasn’t easy. But as we remembered your words of encouragement, as we used the tools you gave us to work with and focused on the love behind all of it, we have learned to each enjoy each other again, and have discovered our mutual interests again. Dare I say it’s fun again? After 38 years of marriage, yes we are having fun again!

Thank you, Dr. Keith and Kathy Davis. Thank you for using your God-given gifts and calling for our benefit. May God’s love forever keep you exactly where you need to be.

With sincere love,

Tim and Diane, Nebraska

“Hands down the most helpful and transformative thing we’ve ever done for our marriage. We left saying this is the marriage we signed up for!” ~ Austin E. reflecting on being a part of a Marriage Intensive with Keith and Kathy Davis