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Getting Married?

Marriage is one of the most exciting and certainly one of the biggest steps in your life! Probably for most of us, being in love and desiring to spend the rest of our lives together seems life a very natural progression...and since we love each other so much, this marriage thing should just kind of work out, right?

Unfortunately, statistics, as well as the very real and personal experience of almost everyone who has ever been married, tells a different story. We so often hear the statistics that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, but just as troubling is that most married couples never achieve the intimacy and emotional connection they truly desire. One of the biggest reasons for this is a lack of understanding regarding how to navigate all the background issues and unexpressed expectations we all bring into the marriage relationship. We also have very little idea how we are to connect emotionally and how to be open and vulnerable without our protective masks. Without discovering these areas of life and how to move through them, most marriages are destined for something far less than what is hoped for. So ask yourself… what kind of marriage do you want, and are you willing to do the work now so you can have that marriage?

Keith and Kathy offer a four-day pre-marriage intensive that will help you prepare well for this wonderful thing called marriage. For those who have never been married before it is one of the most priceless gifts you can give your partner-to-be as you express to them your desire to establish the best foundation possible. For those who have been married before and are choosing to enter this path again, there is nothing more important than exploring previous behaviors and patterns and being absolutely certain that a truly new and healthy direction is established for this relationship.

The Center has separate accommodations for the engaged couple and the intensive is designed to give ample opportunity to reflect and share together what they are learning. Topics of discussion will range from finances to sex, communication to in-laws, spirituality to hobbies and just about everything in between.

If marriage is on the horizon for you, please contact The Center as soon as possible to schedule your pre-marital counseling intensive.