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A five day Marriage Intensive for couples

“The hand of the Lord was upon me there, and He said to me, “Get up and go out to the plain, and there I will speak to you.”  Ezekiel 3:22



God speaks to us in many different ways. He spoke through a bush to Moses; through a donkey to Balaam; sometimes through prophets to kings. Often, when God wants to speak to us He calls us to get away from the stress, pressures, busyness and “noise” of our everyday lives to a place that is quiet and relaxed without all the distractions. In the foothills, among the pines of Colorado there is such a quiet place.   

At The Center you will have five days to experience understanding, to move through reconciliation, to resolve conflict, to listen to each other and learn new tools that will help you plan and prepare for a positive future. During the Marriage Intensive you will have extended, private counseling sessions with Dr. Keith and Kathy Davis as well as quiet time for reflection and time for rest, and “homework” that will be structured specifically for you. Whether your marriage needs intensive intervention or you simply need a “tune-up”, you will find these days of refreshing and renewal to be one of the most productive seasons you have ever spent together. The schedule with the Davis’ can be adjusted to work with your calendar and includes morning and afternoon counseling and refocus sessions with Keith and Kathy, as well as time for you to ask questions and explore the issues that are most important to you. If you desire, follow-up calls as well as on-site follow-up sessions can be arranged to reinforce the skills learned and help you as a couple stay focused.

We have a very private king suite in a fully furnished, well-equipped, self-contained, separate apartment on the street level of our townhouse, with a private entrance where the couple stays. The suite has a full bath, kitchenette and is stocked with just about anything you would want for breakfast. Some couples bring food with them to prepare their other meals (there is a microwave, refrigerator and an efficient hot plate), and of course you can take advantage of the many restaurants in the area (we are just blocks from downtown Colorado Springs, which has a number of great restaurants and coffee shops).


Pastoral Care

The Davis' extensive pastoral ministry experience has also uniquely qualified them to work with pastoral couples (or individuals) who are facing transition, burnout, trauma, crisis or any number of pressures resulting from ministry and marriage. Keith and Kathy have worked with couples from a variety of denominations all dealing with different kinds of difficulty. Some were facing job transitions, others were dealing with church problems that threatened to destroy them and still others were trying to handle daily stresses and demands that had drained the life and joy from their ministry.

Along with a four or five day intensive, follow-up sessions can be structured to help the pastoral couple through the following 12 to 18 months. These follow-up sessions can be scheduled for half days at several strategic points during the following months and may also be accompanied by scheduled phone conversations.

Many Church Boards and leadership have invested in the health and vitality of their pastoral leadership by underwriting the cost of these intensives for their pastors. If you are interested in more details regarding fees, times available or if you have other questions, please contact The Center.