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An Open Letter

January 21, 2014

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,


Well, here we go again! Kathy and I have transitioned from the beautiful Monument, CO area to the downtown area of Colorado Springs. We loved our space in Monument, but the upkeep of the property and the winter snows at 7200 feet of elevation began to take its toll. So we have moved to a very spacious townhouse in the downtown area of Colorado Springs, with a beautiful, private apartment where our clients stay for the intensives we conduct. The apartment above our garage has a complete kitchen and laundry room, which will make it much more conducive for our guests. 

We look forward to the continued privilege of working with couples, families and individuals to help bring greater healing and wholeness. We are so grateful we have the opportunity to come alongside those who are frustrated, facing hopelessness and overwhelming fear to watch how God brings new hope, healing and how He embraces them powerfully with His love!

God's ability to restore and breathe fresh life is often so far beyond our comprehension! And because it seems so out of reach... we often settle for something that is far, far less than His best for us. Yet His fresh breath is truly available to every life, for every relationship and to impact every part of our existence. Why would we not want to experience this? Why not call or email us and let's talk about how God can begin the process of bringing new hope and restoration to your life?

Thank you to many of you who have referred folks to us... we so very much appreciate your confidence in the ministry God has called us to.

Our contact information:


Dr. Keith and Kathy Davis

215 E Fountain Blvd

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

719-434-1472 or 308-850-6376


Email: drkeith53@live.com




For those of you who have taken the time to read through all of this… thank you! You have in some way been a blessing and encouragement to us… and we know we would not be still growing and moving forward if it had not been for the touch you have had in our lives!


Keith and Kathy 


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Dr. Keith


The Center For Christian Counseling


To encourage families and individuals toward greater wholeness and healing through the practical application of real-life Biblical principles and life-skills.

Have you ever been disappointed? There is hope...The Bible tells us, “Then you will know that I am the Lord; those who hope in Me will not be disappointed.” --Isaiah 49:23

 Certainly there are times we have felt discouraged and disappointed, angry and frustrated. Sometimes we suffer and experience pain. And there are times we need to be encouraged and times we need someone to help us discover and face the truth. The Center is designed to help individuals, couples and families find strength and encouragement through the timeless principles that are found in the truth of the Bible. 

 Process of Discovery—at The Center we want to help individuals discover the principles and learn the skills necessary to help them make progress in the real world, in the everyday context of real life. Whether the issues are in the areas of marriage, family life, addictive behaviors, parenting, spiritual or emotional concerns or other personal issues, there is hope and there is encouragement and help available.

The Center For Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Resource is directed by Dr. Keith Davis. Keith and his wife Kathy were partners in pastoral ministry for 36 years, thirteen years as staff pastors and 23 years as Senior Pastors. Keith and Kathy are available to counsel as a couple or separately depending on the needs and issues involved. They have been counseling professionally for the last twelve years, in California, Nebraska and Colorado. Keith and Kathy are available to counsel with individuals, married couples, engaged or pre-married couples, teens, families and extended families and are also willing in certain situations to travel to the client's location.

 The Invitation to Intimacy Seminar taught by the Davis' is a Friday evening and all day Saturday interactive retreat for couples and is especially effective when presented to Church groups. With lots of practical tools and engaging insights, Keith and Kathy help couples consider how to take the next steps in their marriage and move toward greater emotional intimacy. Regardless of where the marriage is right now, God invites each couple to something more. 

Keith and Kathy are available to teach classes and seminars in a variety of settings helping individuals develop life-skills in the areas of marriage and family, parenting, or many other life-issues. Keith is also available to conduct Bible Studies and Men’s retreats with a focus on Biblical principles and with an emphasis on particular subjects as the need arises.

Counseling and other services are offered on a suggested donation basis; please call for detailed information.

In-depth, four to five day focused and individually crafted sessions for Marriage Enrichment are also available (please see the next page).

 Seeing from a new perspective... looking at our disappointments (or anger or loneliness or hurt…) through God’s eyes gives us a different perspective. He knows the whole story and He can see the ending that we cannot. His desire is to strengthen, help, and restore us and to bring us into health and wholeness. If you need encouragement and perhaps a different way to view life; if you need someone to listen to your story, please call.

 The Center For Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Resource is a non-profit Christian ministry operating with a Board of Directors and has been approved for its 501(c)(3) status with the Federal Government.

Dr. Keith and Kathy Davis can be reached at 719-434-1472, by email: drkeith53@live.com 

or by mail:

215 E Fountain Blvd

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

          References and a complete resume are available upon request.